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Online bookings for Parks SA National Parks Campsites

We were really pleased to see the introduction of online bookings for Parks SA campsites (National Parks) at the start of this year.  The website –  https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/parks/booking   includes a pdf map of the area, an image of each campsite, a brief description, including whether it is suitable for launching a kayak, the distance to the amenities (long-drop toilet), and a “book now” button.

One point that may confuse people a little is that, to book in our area, you first need to select “Murray River National Park”, and then select one of 4 areas – Eckerts Creek Section, Katarapko Creek Section, Lock 4 Section or Lyrup Flats Section, and then make sure you drive to the right section to take up your booking.  Also, within the Lock 4 Section, there is a subsection called Booky Cliffs Campground – so if you book, for example, Lock 4 Section, campsite 4 – don’t set up in Booky Cliffs Campsite 4. – sounds confusing, but just make sure you print off the map and take it with you.

It’s great that people can now book online and be confident that when they arrive in the Riverland, their campsite is waiting for them. Gone are the days of wanting to come camping in the Riverland at Easter, and having to arrive and search for a spot in amongst the tents of the locals, who had set up their campsites 2 weeks earlier, in preparation for Easter, to make sure that no-one stole “their spot”.

It also means that, in the less busy times, you can arrive without booking, have a look around to see which campsite you prefer, then go online on your phone, and book it once you’ve decided which site you like.

Hopefully the online bookings will also make it easier to  plan your bookings of kayaks, to complement your camping expedition, as you can book in advance, confident that you’ll have a campsite, AND you’ll be able, more accurately, to tell us which campsite to deliver your kayaks to.   (Yes – we deliver to any Riverland Parks SA campsite, for a cost of approx $1 per km distance from Berri)  Kayak hire costs are available here

 online bookings for Parks SA campsites making life easier for kayakers

Booky Cliffs Campsites 1-4 in the Lock 4 Section of Murray River National Park, are a great camping choice, and are bookable online with Parks SA

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