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Kids/Teens Party Sit-On-Top Hire

Party Hire

teenage kayaking birthday party, Eckert's Creek.

Are the kids a bit old for a Maccas Party? Are you looking for something to get them outside and having fun? How about a kayaking party?

Or, do you have a house full of guests and you need something to do to entertain them?


Simply hire a trailer load of 6 single Sit-on-top kayaks at a special group rate of just $180 all up, and spend the day with the kids down by the river. Throw in a BBQ, or take some fish and chips and drinks, and the day’s all organized. How simple is that!


teenage kayaking birthday party.

Sit-on-tops are unsinkable and self-draining, so if they want to tip each other over they can be flipped straight back again and the fun continues.
Kayaking is simple, it’s fun and it’s great exercise.

Paddles and pfd’s (life jackets) are included in the rate.

Extra double/triple sit-on-tops can also be booked.

6 single sit-on-top kayaks for up to one day – $180
Extra double/triple sit-on-top kayaks – $45 each


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