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I don’t have roof racks on my car. Can you transport the kayaks for me?
Absolutely! Delivery within 5km of Berri is free – that will get you to several lovely spots. Delivery further afield is available for a moderate fee.

I want to transport the kayaks myself. Is that OK?
Yes. You can collect them from us and transport them yourself. We just need to check that craft are adequately secured.

I can’t find your address. Where are you?
We’re based in Berri, South Australia. We don’t have a shop-front, we meet you wherever is most convenient to you.

We want to do a one-way trip. Are you able to collect us at the end and get us back to our cars?
Yes we are happy to do that – regular pickup/delivery fees apply.

I want to take my phone. How can I stop it from getting wet?
We supply zip-lock bags free with every hire or can sell you a durable 10L dry-bag for $5. Dry-bags have a strap and clips to attach then to your canoe. Most of our kayaks have hatches that your phone and bag can go into.

Can I do a one day hire that includes overnight?
No sorry – an overnight hire covers two days. Hires are arranged as 1 day  or multi-day. See the hire rates tab

I’ve never kayaked before. How hard is it?
This is a great place to get started as all our waters are rated as flatwater. We recommend creeks & backwaters with little or no current and protection from wind. Paddling and safety instructions are included with the hire.

I am larger than average.  Will I fit in a canoe and lifejacket?

Our lifejackets are sized up to XXXL with kayaks/canoes to match. If you have special needs, please let us know at the time of booking and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How fit do I need to be?
If you’re not planning to canoe great distances – you don’t need to be very fit at all. If you are able to freely use your arms and the muscles across your back, and are able to enter and exit a canoe, you should be fine. Average canoe-ing speed is 4km/hr. If you are less fit than average you might expect to only do 2 or 3km/hr. There are lovely spots where you can enjoy yourself exploring and watching birdlife, and only travel 1-2 km, yet fill in several hours.

What if I get lost?
That’s very unlikely. We supply detailed maps with each hire – if you think you’re lost just backtrack to your last known location. You can even ring us from on the water for advice.

Are there any canoe trails we can follow?
The only sign-posted canoe trail in our area is at Loch Luna, however we don’t recommend trying to follow it – changes in water flow, after the last high water, and seasonal growth of some water plants at times clogging some of the channels can make the path impossible to follow. However – Loch Luna is a beautiful spot and we thoroughly recommend visiting it – we suggest doing it with one of our maps which show you which routes to take, or better still – book a guided tour and let Kym show you through it to all the best spots.

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