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Can I kayak if I don’t know how to swim?

Sometimes people ask us if they can still come kayaking with us if they don’t know how to swim, and we always answer  YES, provided that the considerations listed below have been attended to.  It is important to note that we are talking about kayaking in the Murray River and the side creeks in our area, which  are usually slow moving and calm, and the bank is never too far away.  (We don’t recommend ocean kayaking or white-water kayaking for non-swimmers.)


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This Saturday 10th September, 2016, will see the Berri Kayaking Group and interested others exploring new territory near Loxton at Yabby Creek and the Horseshoe Lagoons. Click here for a detailed trip report.   We will meet at 8 at the riverfront at the Loxton Caravan Park (Look for the trailer full of kayaks).  Let me know if you’d like a lift from Berri – I’ll be leaving home at 7.30am.  We expect to be back at the cars late morning. [click to continue…]


Increased flows into South Australia at the moment are presenting  a great opportunity to explore places that aren’t always accessible. Last weekend  (27-8-16) we explored from the regulator opposite the Loxton Caravan Park, travelled up Yabby Creek and into the horseshoe lagoons.

We were fortunate that the levels were exactly right – just low enough for us to limbo under the regulator, and deep enough to be able to paddle right through to the lagoons. [click to continue…]


Exploring Katarapko in High Flows

High Flows at Katarapko

Campsite 9 and 10, Katarapko, underwater on 7/8/16

Murray River National Park, Katarapko Section, August 2016

The Stone Weir on Katarapko Creek, underwater during high flows on 7/8/16

Go With The Flow along Katarapko

We’re planning a kayaking trip this Saturday, August 13th, 2016 from Lock 4 to Milich’s Landing, along Katarapko Creek.  The water is moving more quickly than normal, and is flowing over the top of the stone weir, removing the need to portage around it as is normally done.  We’re quite keen to experience this different view of familiar landscape.

We’ll leave at 8am, and expect to finish by 1 pm, with transport to take us back to our vehicles.

Please bring: – a few water bottles,  snacks, sunnies and hat, suncream, sneakers or kayaking shoes, quick-dry clothing and a change of clothes, including longs and a jumper.  Kym will have dry-bags for sale if you need one.

Cost will be $35 per single and $25 for a seat in a double (and as always – you don’t need to have a partner for your double – we can team you up with someone) – There will be no charge for transport, or for having Kym as our guide.

Spaces are limited.  Bookings need to be made by phone/text to Kym on 04211 676 45.

Hope you can join us.



Increased flows into South Australia

The Murray is flowing! (well, it always is, but now there’s plenty of water coming our way).

Good rainfall in Victorian and New South Wales catchments is sending water into South Australia.

During June the flow into South Australia was around 3GL/day (3 gigalitres per day).

During July it has shot up to 20GL/day – the highest flow in 3 years! [click to continue…]

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