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Guided Sunset Kayak Tour

3 Kayakers on the water, enjoying watching the sun set.

Kayak Tour at Sunset: A great time to be on the water

Sunset & Sunrise are magical times for a kayak tour on the river.  That’s when the waters are often mirror-flat, the reflections are magical, the birdlife is most active, the air is deliciously cool andP1080417 - Copy - Copy fresh and the silence and solitude soothe the soul.

Our Guided Sunset Kayak Tour is a pleasant introduction to kayaking, requiring no previous experience.  Kayak Tours offer a variety of scenery, letting you enjoy the beautiful wetlands of Gurra Gurra Creek, the evening colours of the magnificent sandstone Bookpurnong cliffs and the mystery of exploration as we navigate the Ajax Achilles Lakes, where we can almost guarantee that the Kangaroos will be there to watch you pass.

P1080413_resizeHow does a Sunset Kayak Tours run?

Our Sunset Tours begin by meeting at the Berri Visitor Information Centre, or at your local accommodation, and travelling by car (about 5 mins) to the beginning of our trip, where we unload, fit PFD’s (“life jackets”) and get onto the water. Along the way we have a look at some barge wrecks from the time of the building of Lock 4 and its weir, plenty of birdlife including pelicans, darters, cormorants, terns and parrots, as well as the kangaroos and cliffs mentioned above. We take a break along the way for a cuppa, and to enjoy the sun setting across the water.

We do a one-way trip, so you get to enjoy new scenery for the whole route, and don’t have to paddle with the setting sun in your eyes. With a number of different possible pick-up points at the end of the trip, you are under no pressure to “make it to the end” – you can take is as slowly or quickly as you like.

Tour Times P1060865 - Copy

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Sometimes people ask us, Can I kayak if I don’t know how to swim?” and we always answer  YES, provided that the considerations listed below have been attended to.  It is important to note that we are talking about kayaking in the calm, slow-moving waters of South Australia’s Murray River and side creeks , where the bank is never too far away.  (We don’t recommend ocean kayaking or white-water kayaking for non-swimmers.)


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How to have fun during a pandemic.

How can I have fun during a pandimic? How can I do #socialdistancing and still enjoy some recreation time, with most venues closed?

2 kayaks, "socially distanced" on a waterway, showing how to have fun during a pandemic.

In the Riverland we are ideally situated to escape to nature, clear our heads and let the solitude and normality of the outdoors permeate our soul. 


·         1. Because the solitude and calm give us boundless space to refresh ourselves.

·         2. Because activities like kayaking make social distancing easy, without that mind-stress of maintaining that artificial space we are placing between ourselves.

·         3. Because nature carries on, in its calm and orderly way, paying no heed to our virus stresses, and what a refreshing thing that is!

It’s a great time to explore new areas.

Try using sites such as globalpaddler.com , ramblr  (we particularly enjoy seeing where “Hairy Jamie” has been), or the Paddling Trails South Australia website.

Or, if you’re coming to Berri, let us set you up to explore some of our local trails – kayaks, pfds, maps and directions included – along with cleaned kayaks, and the ability to get you going, without encroaching on your personal space.

Self-guided hire – how to keep your distance.

  • On water and land, keep your 1.5m distance.
  • While assisting with kayaks – always have the same person help on the same end of the same kayak when loading, unloading, portaging, launching and landing.
  • Take your own snacks and water, and don’t share.  Don’t touch others gear at all.
  • Of course, take all your regular kayaking gear, follow your normal safety procedures, and let someone know where you’re going – a float plan is a great idea.

Doing an overnighter?

Unless it’s someone lovely that you share your bed with anyway –  Solo tenting,  keep your distance in camp, no shared cooking equipment, spread out for eating, follow careful hygiene procedures, (but don’t let that be an excuse to pollute the waterways with soaps – do that away from the water, as you always would)

Sounds good, but you don’t have a kayak?  We’d love to help – you can read about our business COVID safety measures here.  We supply hire kayaks, which we can deliver to the waterfront to you, and run guided kayak tours – all keeping within government health guidelines.  Give us a ring if we can help, or answer any questions – happy to chat. 04211 676 45

Keep safe and look out for each other.


COVID-19 Coronavirus Response

Updated 30-3-2020

We’re still open for business, with adjustments to protect us all during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Read on to learn the steps we are taking to ensure your safety, and ours.

The coronavirus pandemic is certainly upending our way of life. That includes our beloved weekends. Fortunately, kayaking is a low-virus-risk activity!  So, get outside, breathe fresh air, notice things about the world around you that you didn’t see before, and feel the stress slip away! [click to continue…]


At what age can I take my child kayaking?

Young child kayaking with family
You know your child best, and whether they would enjoy a kayak trip.

(Note: This information is relevant to kayaking in protected flatwater – which is what we have in South Australia’s sunny Riverland.)

We’re occasionally asked if we have restrictions on children kayaking. We love getting children out on the water (with their family) Because you know your child better than we do, we leave it up to you to decide, considering the following questions:

Can I take my child kayaking? Answer these questions to help yourself decide.
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