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Katarapko Creek access update – 2019

What’s happening at Katarapko?

Works are currently being conducted along parts of Katarapko Creek to construct a blocking bank, regulatory structures and a better access road. It is anticipated to finish in the first half of 2020.   This project is part of SARFIIP and is part of the Basin Plan, and aims to “enable the Pike and Katarapko floodplains to be sufficiently inundated with relatively modest water flows of 10,000 – 15,000 ML/day to South Australia.The same level of inundation would otherwise only occur with much higher flows of 70,000 – 80,000 ML/day.” *

What does this mean for you?  Well, besides the long term benefits of improved ecology, there are short term implications while the works are in progress :  Access to parts of the park, by car, are restricted. Campsites 2-17 of the Katarapko Creek Section, and the areas around them are a restricted zone, and some machinery noise can be heard in the area. A map here gives more information

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Berri Kayaking Group

We’re feeling keen!   The Berri Kayaking Group’s 2018 2019 Season is underway.

Who are we?

Berri Kayaking Group (organized by Canoe Adventures – Riverland) is a bunch of friendly people who enjoy getting out on the water to enjoy the scenery and get a bit of casual exercise.

When do we meet?

We hold paddling trips
• weekly during term time, during daylight savings, on Tuesdays at 5:25pm, getting off the water at approximately 7pm.
• irregularly during non-daylight savings at different times on the weekend.

How fit do I need to be?

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Adelady comes kayaking in the Riverland

We recently had the pleasure of meeting with Hayley Pearson and Lauren Decesare of Channel 9’s “Adelady”, to show off our beautiful waterways.  They were able to capture some of the experience in film, and now you can read about it on their blog, and watch the video segment on the  Adelady website.  -The bit about us begins at 18:30, but the whole show is worth a watch – they also visited Scott Creeks’s winery and accommodation in Morgan, Selena Estate Winery in Loxton,  and Eleni’s Restaurant at the Mallee Estate Winery, and Angoves Cellar Door, both in Renmark..

The girls were energetic and enthusiastic and the whole film crew were fun to work with and great at helping Kym to feel comfortable in front of the camera.  Even though they arrived later than first planned, and missed the golden light of sunset, it was still great to be able to give them a small taste of a Sunset Kayak Tour.  They came equipped with an impressive camera that we couldn’t convince them to take out in a kayak, spotlights and even a boom mic, that was impersonating a possum.    As an added bonus they brought along a drone for some of the filming: something we’ve been wanting to do for ages.  They have shown some of the footage on the TV show, and we’re really looking forward to also seeing some of the aerial shots that didn’t make it on to the show.
We think they’ve presented us rather well, and are  very thankful for the opportunity to show off what we do!

Adelady enjoying a Guided Kayak Tour with Canoe Adventures - Riverland

Adelady enjoying a Guided Kayak Tour with Canoe Adventures – Riverland


Riverland Kayaking has just improved.

Katfish Reach information sign, explaining the Eckert’s Creek Inlet Regulator

We’re pretty excited about some new developments in the paddling scene in Berri, thanks to the recently opened Inlet Regulator on Eckert’s Creek. This is part of the whole Katfish Reach project, and it means that Riverland kayaking has just improved.

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We were really pleased to see the introduction of online bookings for Parks SA campsites (National Parks) at the start of this year.  The website –  https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/parks/booking   includes a pdf map of the area, an image of each campsite, a brief description, including whether it is suitable for launching a kayak, the distance to the amenities (long-drop toilet), and a “book now” button.

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