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At what age can I take my child kayaking?

Young child kayaking with family
You know your child best, and whether they would enjoy a kayak trip.

(Note: This information is relevant to kayaking in protected flatwater – which is what we have in South Australia’s sunny Riverland.)

We’re occasionally asked if we have restrictions on children kayaking. We love getting children out on the water (with their family) Because you know your child better than we do, we leave it up to you to decide, considering the following questions:

Will they enjoy themselves? (Youngsters often have a great time trailing their hands in the water, spotting birds, asking great questions etc)

Will they follow your instructions and keep their pfd on at all times?

Will they be happy sitting in the kayak for an hour or two, or however long you want to paddle? (Snack bribery often helps with this point)

Some suggestions to make it easier.

If you’re not sure, but would like to give it a go, we’d suggest booking a tour exclusively for your family, or doing a hire in a pleasant, grassy spot like Lock 4 or the Berri Marina, where you can have as much fun on the land as the water, and do your kayaking in short stints. On a tour we can arrange for an adult with a small child to sit in the front of a double kayak with our guide in the rear, doing all of the paddling, leaving the parent in the front free to attend to their infant.

A note on PFDs (“Life Jackets”)

It is important that a snugly-fitting pfd (personal flotation device) is worn by all kayakers, children and infants included. The SA Government website has more information PFDs. PFD’s are included in the cost of all hires and tours with Canoe Adventures, including children sizes – if bringing an infant, give us a ring to check that we have a PFD to suit.

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