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Kayaks & Houseboats

Kayaks on a houseboat holiday

Kayaks on a houseboat holiday

If you are planning a Murray River houseboat holiday, we recommend that you consider hiring our 6 sit-on-top kayaks as well.  Designed to be stackable to take up less deckspace, they are a great addition to any Murray River houseboat holiday: Nothing beats rolling out of bed in the morning and going for a sunrise paddle while the birds and wildlife are most active.  Have a look at our youtube clip

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Kayaks enhance your houseboat holiday.

Sorry, we don’t hire out houseboats to go with the kayaks, but here’s a great source of information about businesses which hire houseboats.ws houseboat pr pics jan 2013 015

Our sit-on-top kayaks stack well to conserve deck space.


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Children and adults enjoy the occasional respite from the group, going exploring on their own.